Tuesday, September 7, 2010


The following review from the Midwest Book Review on my new book Lila: A Journey of Life and Love was posted on Amazon.Com.

"When you have to set your own rules, life becomes more difficult. "Lila: A Journey of Life and Love" is the story of Lila Anderson, alone and unsure of who she is, having her place in life decided by others for so long. With a long road trip ahead of her, she soon finds that if you're not avoiding it, life will reveal itself to you very quickly. "Lila" is a remarkable read that many women will relate to."

"Lila: A journey of Life and love is an inspiring story of a woman in middle age who suddenly finds herself, after the death of her beloved husband, breaking away from her gentle and not unwilling life of servitude to her family. Peggy Simms Lyles has created, in the pages of her book, a strong portrayal of a woman with faith and character who strikes out on her own, finds herself in a highly unlikely situation, and works her way through it with aplomb. An entertaining read." -La Vaughn Kemnow