Saturday, July 24, 2010

Fresh starts

Writing what I considered a short story was amazing to me in itself. I couldn't stop as the words just started flowing. Looking at the stack of printed pages for more than eight years, I would stall each time I thought of publication. Finally I took a step to have the manuscript copyright. Just in case, you know. One night at the midnight hour I decided to self publish "Lila". It seemed easy enough. I saw my book in print and was quite proud of my accomplishments. I had used some of my life experiences, observations, and creativity to tell a story to others. The story of just a portion of Lila's life. Lila had given so much and now was not really needed by anyone. So many of us are Lila, with strong broad shoulders, the one everyone calls on, the one everyone needs for one thing or another. Often finding ourselves asking, "what about me" and then realizing there is not even time for that question. In God's time, the time for all the Lila's will come. They will get fresh starts as they continue in their lives.

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